How do I send the test back?

Each test kit is supplied with a return envelope which is prepaid for returns from within the UK and can be dropped into a post box. If you choose to take it into a post office, please ensure the PO Box number and postcode is correct (some smaller post offices may not have it on their records). The return address is: PO Box 74316, London, N1P 3BB. There are no special storage or transport requirements and you can return any day. We just ask you to place a supplied stabilising capsule in the test tube with the sample.

For overseas, it is the responsibility of the receiver to arrange and pay for the return. We provide approved packaging, labelled to meet customs requirements.  The package is low weight and no special paperwork is required. The return can be via courier or by standard post (a tracked service is recommended). As DNA samples are stable for several weeks it is not necessary to use an express service.

For information, overseas packages should be returned to Lifecode Gx, c/o WeWork,145 City Road, London EC1V 1AZ, United Kingdom (already labelled as such on the pre-paid envelope).

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