How to do the test

The DNA test is a simple, non-invasive mouth swab that is easy to do at home.

Just remember to abstain from eating/drinking for at least 1 hour before testing, to ensure the sample is not contaminated with food.

  1. Remove the swab from the package at one end, taking care not to touch the white swab head with your fingers.
  2. Insert the swab into your mouth and rub firmly against the inside of your cheek or underneath lower and upper lip. Rub for 1 minute, using reasonable, firm and solid pressure to ensure you get a good sample.
  3. Place the swab in the tube provided. Do not touch the swab head with your fingers.
  4. Snap the swab handle so it can fit in the tube. Place your thumbnail in the small groove set in the handle, then snap the handle in two by bending to one side. Let the swab head fall into the tube. If necessary snip the handle with scissors.
  5. Find the stabilising capsule, remove from its pouch, and place the it in the tube with the swab. This keeps the sample stable during transport. The capsule will be in a small silver pouch and it does sometimes get wedged into the bottom of the main envelope.
  6. Seal the tube securely with the cap provided
  7. Complete the consent form on the reverse of the included instructions. Make sure you SIGN the consent form.
  8. Place the tube and consent form in the supplied envelope and post it back to us.
  9. Double check - have you included the stabilising capsule and SIGNED consent form. We cannot process the sample without these.

A copy of the test instructions included in the kit can also be downloaded here.

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