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1) Find a practitioner!

Our DNA tests and reports are designed for professional use, so we recommend you find a practitioner trained in nutrigenomics, who can consider your health concerns and advise you on which reports are best for you and support you once you have the results. See Lifecode Gx trained practitioners if you’re not working with a practitioner already.

2) Your practitioner places the order on your behalf. One Lifecode DNA test is required for each new order, and can be used for as many reports as your practitioner has suggested (each report looks at a specific health area). Either you pay the practitioner or pay us directly, in which case we will email you a payment link. The test kit is sent directly to you (sometimes the practitioner may give you the test in a clinic).

3) Testing: The DNA test is a simple, non-invasive mouth swab that is easy to do at home. The only requirement is to abstain from eating/drinking for at least 1 hour before testing.  Rub the swab against the inside of both cheeks for one minute. Place the stabilising capsule in the tube with the sample. See or ​How to do the test article.

4) Return with the signed consent form in the prepaid envelope (UK). We cannot process an order without a signed consent form. There are no special storage or transport requirements and you can return any day. The envelope can be simply dropped into a post box. If you choose to take it into a post office, please ensure the PO Box number and postcode is correct (some smaller post offices may not have it on their records). The return address is: PO Box 74316, London, N1P 3BB. 

If you are overseas, a courier charge is added to the price when the test is ordered. We supply packaging labelled for customs, but you pay for returning the package to the UK (courier or tracked delivery recommended). The package is low weight and no special paperwork is required.  As DNA samples are stable for several weeks it is not necessary to use an express service. For information, overseas packages should be returned to Lifecode Gx, c/o WeWork,145 City Road, London EC1V 1AZ, United Kingdom (already labelled as such on the pre-paid envelope).

5) Results are ready about 2 weeks after sample receipt. Please check with your practitioner for updates.  We'll email your practitioner when your reports are ready, and they will be in touch to share them with you and book an appointment to go through the results. Please note that we do not produce paper copies of reports.

6) Want to add reports later? Discuss with your practitioner who can add extra reports up to 6 months from the date of the original test (when we can use the same sample). After that, a new test will be required.  

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