How do I book a practitioner support call?

We provide a complimentary 30 minute video support call to answer questions about your client's reports. This service is strictly practitioner only, not available directly to clients, not a tutorial or a training session, and not a consultation. Other limitations are detailed below.

In the Practitioner Portal, view the order and use the 'Book Support' button to arrange a meeting. To get the most from your call, please ensure you read and review the reports in advance of the meeting to have your questions ready.

Please note that the 'Book Support Call' button will not be available if

  • The order is part of a package that excludes complimentary support
  • More than six months have passed since the reports were made available
  • The reports have not been generated and made ready

The number of calls that can be made against an order is limited. A 30-minute session is usually enough to work through questions on three reports.

If you cannot book a support call, you are welcome to email us with order/report questions. We'll do our best to respond quickly, and it would help us if you could separate and number your questions.

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