How to Order for Practitioners

As a registered practitioner, you will have an account on our Practitioner Portal to place orders, track progress and securely download reports.

One Lifecode DNA Test is required for each new order and you can be used for as many reports as required, using the data from the same test.

Place a New Order

Sign into the Practitioner Portal. Click on the New Order button.

Select which reports are required. One Lifecode DNA Test kit is required for each new order and cannot be unchecked (to add a report only, see later). Prices are show below each item (we've invented prices for the sake of this guide). Any applicable discounts are shown below the list of reports and will automatically be activated when the appropriate items are selected (we've invented a discount for the sake of this guide). There is no VAT to pay on our tests or reports.

Add a client reference which is to help YOU identify the order in your list of orders, so should be something unique and meaningful to you. It is also displayed on the bottom of the first report page.

Select the country for dispatch of the test kit. For overseas, additional shipping fees are shown against the country (see later) and complete the name and address. Please double check the address as we do not validate it.


You can pay and invoice the client or select the ‘Client Pays’ option.  If Practitioner Pays is selected, the next page will ask you to enter payment details and we will process your order. We do not include any information about payment in the test kit, or share any information about payment with the client.

If you would like your client to pay, select the Client Pays option. The next page will ask you for the client's email address and we will send them a link (valid for 30 days) to collect payment. While waiting for payment, the order will be shown with a status of 'Pending Payment'. The DNA test kit will be posted on receipt of payment.

Receiving and Returning the Test

The DNA test is a simple, non-invasive mouth swab that is easy to do at home. The only requirement is to abstain from eating/drinking for at least 1 hour before testing.  Rub the swab against the inside of both cheeks for one minute. Place the stabilising capsule in the tube with the sample. See our how to do the test article. Make sure you sign and return the consent form! We cannot process an order without a signed consent form. When testing a child under 18 years of age a parent or guardian with parental responsibility for the child can provide consent on the child's behalf.

There are no special storage or transport requirements and you can return any day. Each test kit is supplied with a return envelope which is prepaid for returns from within the UK and can be simply dropped into a post box. If you choose to take it into a post office, please ensure the PO Box number and postcode is correct (some smaller post offices may not have it on their records). The return address is: PO Box 74316, London, N1P 3BB.

You will be notified by email when the reports are ready to download (about 2 weeks after sample receipt).

International Postage

When you order, select a country and any additional courier fees will be shown against the country, ranging from £25 for Europe to £49 for longer distance destinations (shipping is UPS for EU, DHL outside EU). This fee will be added to the order.

The client is responsible for arranging and paying for return postage. We provide approved packaging for the return of the sample, labelled to meet customs requirements. It is the responsibility of the receiver to arrange and pay for the return. The package is low weight and no special paperwork is required.  The return can be via courier or by standard post (a tracked service is recommended). As DNA samples are stable for several weeks it is not necessary to use an express service.There are no special storage or transport requirements for the sample and you can return any day. We just ask you to place a supplied stabilising capsule in the test tube with the sample. For information, overseas packages should be returned to Lifecode Gx, c/o WeWork,145 City Road, London EC1V 1AZ, United Kingdom (already labelled as such on the return envelope).

Viewing Order Status/Existing

You can check order and testing progress yourself anytime via the Practitioner Portal.

To find an order, log in and select the Orders tab. The most recent orders are shown by default. Clicking All will switch to listing all orders. Clicking View will open the details for that order.

If we have not received a swab sample back after 15 days from when the test kit was posted, this is flagged at the top of the Orders page. The orders are also highlighted in the Recent and All listings. We stop highlighting these after 60 days to prevent old orders being highlighted forever.

An order marked with a red dot means that reports have been recently made available and the order has not been viewed yet. Clicking ' view' will open the order detail and the red dot will disappear. Orders with a red dot are positioned at the top of the recent order list.

The top section of the page shows the general details, including the invoice. These details will vary depending on what stage the order is at.

The Reports Ordered section lists the reports ordered and once they are available, the report name can be clicked to open/download the report.

Adding Reports

You can also add extra reports later, up to 6 months from the date of the original test (when we can use the same sample). After that, a new test will be required.  Open the order in the Practitioner Portal and click the green 'Add Reports' button next to the existing reports. A popup will appear and allow you to choose the reports. This will generate a payment link that will be emailed to you or the client, depending on who pays.

Booking a Support Call

You can book a complimentary 30 minute video call to answer questions about your or your client's reports. To book a support call, use the Support Call button to book an appointment. This way auto-populates all the relevant details for the call.

This service is strictly practitioner only, not available directly to clients, and offered as one call per order.

Finally, the  Activity section at the bottom of the page outlines the stages the order has progressed through, so you can check order progress.

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