I got 'no result' - what does that mean?

It is not unusual to have a few SNPs missing across the whole report.

No Results occurs if the lab cannot achieve a successful read of the genetic code at that particular location. The lab will attempt multiple times to achieve a high level of statistical confidence for a particular result, but if that cannot be met, it is reported as 'no result'. It is not unusual to have a few SNPs missing across the whole profile. As you/your client’s  results were otherwise complete, there was no problem with the sample quality or quantity, the missing result is due to the way your genetic code is arranged/ folded. As this is the case in every cell, a repeat test (with good quality and quantity of sample) would unfortunately have the same outcome, so we are not able to offer a repeat test.

When SNPs are missing,  it can be useful to look around them at related SNPs and there will often be enough information to draw conclusions and a support plan. Discuss with your practitioner or if you are a practitioner contact us for support.

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